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A peek inside our annual hunt though Alba, Italy, in search of the elusive and exquisite white truffle.

The hunt for white gold

Photo Credit: Christopher Pillitz

Fall provides an abundance of gastronomic gifts, but none as extravagant as a buried treasure exclusive to remote Northern Italy: the white truffle. Residing near tree roots, this "diamond in the woods" is most flawless from late September through December.

The hunt for white truffles is a
real-life fairytale.

Set in the enchanted, misty forest of Piedmont, the hero is a beloved dog blessed with a magical scent of smell, trained by his master to snuff out white gold hidden deep in the dirt.

Journal Product

Sant Ambroeus Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Despite challenging obstacles like dwindling supply that’s nearly impossible to access, persistence prevails. “We will not, as humans, be able to replicate that,” proclaims Chef Iacopo Falai, Culinary Director at SA Hospitality Group. “The process is an amazing adventure.”

This luxurious ingredient is delicately shaved atop pasta and other delights fulfilling its destiny by unmasking its origins’ aromatic beauty. “Musky aroma, very earthy, pungent, deliciously funky,” describes Falai. Appropriately,storage is in a specially insulated lockbox wrapped in layers of paper and hay.

White truffles, including the rarest kind from Alba, are delivered daily to all Sant Ambroeus locations.

Experience its powers by indulging in our special seasonal menu with dishes like Tagliatelle al Burro e Tartufo Bianco and Scaloppine ai Porcini.