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Specialty Cakes

Sant Ambroeus uses only the highest quality ingredients in every cake.

From our classic Gianduia to Profiterole, each cake is made from a carefully crafted recipe that has been nurtured by our master pastry chefs for over three generations. Selected 6” cakes are available daily for pick up at Sant Ambroeus Madison Avenue. All our cakes are available for special order with three days advanced notice.

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Our Cakes

Sant Ambroeus - Italian restaurant in New York City - Specialty Cakes

Sant Ambroeus - Santambroeus Cake

Our signature dessert

Sant Ambroeus Mousse Cake

Layers of moist dark chocolate sponge and decadent chocolate custard suspended in a cloud of ever-so-sweet chocolate mousse.

Sant Ambroeus - Santambroeus Princess Cake

Princess Cake

A dome of thin almond marzipan, layered with lemon sponge, vanilla pastry cream and whipped cream.
Comes in 8″ cake size and serves 6-8 people.

Sant Ambroeus - Cake - Profiterole

A tower of intricately decorated chocolate cream puffs on a moist, coffee-soaked sponge cake base with crumbled pistachios.

Sant Ambroeus - Cake - Lemon Tart
lemon and mango tart

Our crisp, butter shortbread crust is filled with a perfectly sweet and tart lemon curd cream, then finished with mango gelée.

Sant Ambroeus - Cake - Torta di Frutta
Torta di Frutta

Our fruit tart starts with a light sablé dough crust filled with luscious vanilla bean custard then adorned with only the finest seasonal fruits.

Sant Ambroeus - Cake - Gianduia

Layers of moist hazelnut dacquoise, crisp hazelnut feuilletine and heavenly gianduia mousse surround a center of hazelnut cream. Then, our Gianduia cake is enrobed in a delicate coat of hazelnut-studded milk chocolate glaze.

Sant Ambroeus - Cake Verona

Our Verona is the ultimate dark chocolate raspberry cake. Pillowy chocolate mousse is layered with raspberry purée-soaked chocolate sponge, chocolate curls and ribbons of raspberry preserves. Then, the cake is polished with deep chocolate ganache and fresh mixed berries.

Sant Ambroeus - Cake - Torta di Mele
apple crumble tart

Just a hint of cinnamon
is the key to our apple crumble tart.
Butter shortbread crust, frangipane,
inside tender diced apples, smooth quark cheese, topped with a butter crumble.